The Registrar is empowered to discontinue a claim if the Registrar is of the view that the claim is outside the jurisdiction of the Tribunals.

You may appeal to the Tribunal Magistrate against a discontinuance order made by the Registrar if you believe that your claim was within the jurisdiction of the Tribunals. The application must be made within 1 month from the date on which the order was made. A fee of $20.00 is payable for the filing of an appeal.

Note: There is no appeal against a discontinuance order made by a Tribunal Magistrate at the Hearing stage (See: section 38(1) of the Small Claims Tribunals Act (Cap. 308)).

How to appeal against a discontinuance order made by the Registrar

Login to CJTS and complete the e-service "Appeal against Order of Registrar". Parties to a case will be notified of the date for the hearing of the application on CJTS. Print a copy of the "Notice of Hearing" document online and attend at the Tribunals on the stated date and time. If you are absent for the Hearing of the application, the application may be dismissed.

Appeal outcome

Where an appeal is dismissed, the discontinuance order stands and the claim remains discontinued. Filing fees are not refundable. However, as there is no decision made on the merits of the claim, the claimant may still pursue their claim at other forums.

Where an appeal is allowed by the Tribunal, the Tribunal may proceed to hear the matter and make any order or direction as it thinks just.

Last updated on: 8/11/2019 3:26 PM


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