A list of common forms for POHA applications

​This page contains a list of forms that may be used in an application under POHA at the State Courts. A text editor with full support for .docx files is required in order for the forms to display correctly on your computer.

Click on the name of a form to view it. The form can also be downloaded onto your computer by right-clicking on its name and choosing "Save target as..." (IE) or "Save link as..." (Firefox/Chrome).

For claims / applications filed on or after 1 June 2021:

If you are filing a claim using the simplified proceedings, please log in to the Community Justice and Tribunals System (CJTS) to access the relevant forms. If you are filing an application using the standard proceedings, the following forms apply to your application:

Form 1 - Originating Summons (PO, EPO, MTO)

Form 2 - Supporting Affidavit for Originating Summons (PO, EPO, MTO)

Form 3 - Response (PO, EPO, MTO)

Form 5 - Notification of Particulars (PO, EPO)

Form 6 - Summons (PO, EPO)

Form 7 - Supporting Affidavit for Summons (PO, EPO)

Form 8 - Originating Summons (FSO)

Form 8A - Ex Parte Summons (IFSO)

Form 9 - Supporting Affidavit (FSO, IFSO)

Form 10 - Response (FSO, IFSO)

Form 12 - Notification of Particulars (FSO)

Form 13 - Summons to vary, suspend or cancel order (FSO, IFSO)

Form 14 - Supporting Affidavit for Summons (FSO, IFSO)

Form 18 - Summons (MTO)

Form 19 - Supporting Affidavit for Summons (MTO)

Form 20 - Response for Summons (MTO)

Form 21 - Memorandum of Service

Supplementary Affidavit Template

For applications that have already been filed before 1 June 2021, please continue to use the following set of forms:

Form 235 - Ex-parte Originating Summons (PO/EPO)

Form 236 - Supporting Affidavit (PO/EPO)

Form 237 - Respondent's Affidavit (PO/EPO)

Form 239 - Notification of Particulars (PO/EPO)

Form 240 - Summons (PO/EPO)

Form 241 - Supporting Affidavit for Summons (PO/EPO)

Form 242 - Originating Summons (FSO/IFSO)

Form 242A - Summons for Interim False Statement Order (IFSO)

Form 243 - Supporting Affidvait (FSO/IFSO)

Form 244 - Respondent's Affidavit (FSO/IFSO)

Form 246 - Notification of Particulars (FSO/IFSO)

Form 247 - Summons (FSO/IFSO)

Form 248 - Supporting Affidavit for Summons (FSO/IFSO)

Affidavit of Service (PO/EPO)

Affidavit of Service (FSO/IFSO)

Supplementary Affidavit Template

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