A list of forms for CDRT proceedings.

This page contains a list of forms that are used during proceedings in the Community Disputes Resolution Tribunals.

With effect from 5 February 2018, all submissions should be made through the Community Justice and Tribunals System (CJTS), accessible at

A text editor with full support for .docx files is required in order for the forms to display correctly on your computer.

Click on the name of a form to view it. The form can also be downloaded onto your computer by right-clicking on its name and choosing "Save target as..." (IE) or "Save link as..." (Firefox/Chrome).

*Note: This application must be done manually and cannot be done online using the CJTS system. For more information, refer to Practice Directions Amendment No. 1 of 2021.

Last updated on: 18/3/2021 6:25 PM


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