​The claimant is responsible for ensuring that the respondent knows of the Court proceedings against him and that he is required to attend Court on the specified date and time.

If you are the claimant, you must serve on the respondent a hardcopy of your claim and the Notice of Consultation. The Notice of Consultation provides the respondent with the reference number of the case and states the date and time of the scheduled Consultation before the Tribunals.


Service may be effected by the following means:

Personal Delivery

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If Individual: Hand the notice to the respondent personally.

If Company: Hand the notice to the staff or slip the notice under the office premises.

*A signed statement of service or report of how service was effected is to be uploaded in CJTS.

Registered Post


If Individual: Last known address

If Company: ACRA registered address

*Latest Singpost article status must be "delivered" and is to be uploaded in CJTS.

OthersAny other means as directed by the Tribunals.


You must submit proof to satisfy the Tribunal that service was effected.

Examples of such proof include: the registered post slip, a courier slip, or a signed statement in writing by the claimant stating the date, time and how the documents were served on the respondent.

You must upload the proof of service in CJTS via the e-service "Submit Supporting Documents".

Last updated on: 18/6/2020 10:07 AM


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