​​​​​​​How do I file a claim?

All claims must be submitted online through CJTS.

Filing a claim on CJTS

Step 1​​Go to
Step 2​​Login using your SingPass (for individuals) or CorpPass (for business entities). If you are not eligible for SingPass or CorpPass, you may apply for a CJTS Pass by clicking “Register for CJTS Pass”.
​Step 3​Update “My Profile” with your personal particulars.
​Step 4​Click “Online applications” then “Claim Form
Step 5​Key in your Pre-filing ID or proceed to do your pre-filing assessment to obtain a Pre-filing ID.
Step 6​Complete the questions in the pre-filing assessment, and click “Submit”.
Step 7

​Fill in your claim.

  • Enter the claimant’s + respondent’s details
  • Upload supporting documents

Click “Submit”, then “Confirm to Proceed”.

Step 8

​Pay the filing fees. Claims and Applications filed with CJTD will be processed only after the requisite payments are made. Payment may be made:

Online: eNets
Offline: Click “Pay Later” and then “Generate Payment Advice”. Bring the payment advice to the State Courts and pay by cash, Nets, Nets FlashPay or credit card at the payment kiosks in the State Courts.

Step 9​Choose a Consultation date and time.
Step 10​Click “Save respondent’s notice”. Print the Notice of Consultation & the Claim to serve on the respondent.

What documents must I upload?

You should prepare the following documents for your claim:

  • Supporting documents. All documents to support your claim (invoices/receipts/contracts/tenancy agreements/stamp duty certificate/photos/emails/messages).
  • ACRA Business Profile. For business entities, copies of the ACRA business profile (obtained within 1 month from the date of filing) must be uploaded. Obtaining an instant information business search (business profile). The ACRA business profile can be purchased online at (> Purchase of Information > Instant Information > Business Profile) or at any ACRA-accredited service providers, such as Crimson Logic Pte. Ltd.
  • Letter of Authorisation. If you are representing an entity (such as a corporation, partnership, or society), for every court attendance, upload an authorisation on the company or entity’s letterhead stating the representative’s name, NRIC number and designation.
  • Memorandum of Consent, if any. For claims exceeding $20,000 but below $30,000, a Memorandum of Consent signed by both parties is required.
  • Translations. All documents not in the English language must be accompanied by an English translation.

What are the filing fees?

Claim / Counterclaim Amount             Individual             Other Entity
Up to $5,000$10$50
Between $5,000 and $10,000$20$100
​More than $10,000, up to $20,0001% of claim amount​3% of claim amount​

More than $20,000, up to $30,000*

* Consent of both parties required. A Memorandum of Consent must be filed/uploaded.

1% of claim amount3% of claim amount
Last updated on: 7/10/2020 6:33 PM


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