If you wish to enforce a Money Order granted by the Small Claims Tribunals by way of Writ of Seizure and Sale, please note that the filings must be effected either through a lawyer, or at one of the following service bureau. If you are not represented by a lawyer, please obtain, complete and file the relevant forms at the service bureau.


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How to enforce an Order of the Small Claims Tribunals

Please note that the information below on the enforcement of an Order of Tribunal is only a guide. Please seek legal advice on any clarification or your best course of action as well as any other forms of enforcement that may be available to you.

Enforcing an Order to pay money

An Order to Pay Money granted by the Tribunal is deemed as a Magistrate Order for claims that are filed before 1 November 2019 and District Order for claims that are filed on or after 1 November 2019 for the purpose of enforcement. An Order to Pay Money requires a party to pay a specific amount of money to another by the due date of by way of instalments.  The party who is required to pay the amount of money is called a Judgment Debtor. The other party who is entitled to the money under the Order is called a Judgment Creditor.

Enforcing a Work Order

A Work Order is an Order which requires the Judgment Debtor to comply with a work detail. If a Judgment Debtor refuses to comply with a Work Order granted by the Tribunals, the Judgment Creditor may apply to the Tribunals to vary or substitute the Work Order with an Order to Pay Money for enforcement purposes. The Judgment Creditor can do so by filing at the Tribunals a "Request to Enforce Work Order", which can be downloaded from one of the following documents.

The filing of the request to enforce/vary a work order is made online. Please login to CJTS and complete the e-service "Request to Enforce/Vary Work Order Form" under "Online Applications".

You can download the required form and information sheets from the "Forms" page. To go to the "Forms" page, click here.

For more information on enforcement of Tribunal orders, please refer to Brochure: Orders of the Small Claims Tribunals.

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