1. What is Debt Recovery Plans@SCT? (Article on DRP) (pdf format: 12.5kb)  
2. Workflow of Debt Recovery Plans@SCT pdf format: 8.6kb)  
3. FAQs (pdf format: 21.4kb)  
4. How to apply DRP?  
a. Applicable to Claimant only  
(1) Individual Claimant's Consent Form (For individual/sole proprietorship) (pdf format: 9.01kb)  
(2) Claimant's Consent Form (For Company Pte Ltd/ Partnership)
(pdf format: 8.40kb)
b. Applicable to Respondent only  
(1) Individual Respondent's Consent Form (For individual/sole proprietorship) (pdf format: 9.44kb)  
(2) Respondent's Consent Form (For Company Pte Ltd/ Partnership) (pdf format: 9.39kb)  
5. Forms required to be completed for the DRP Session  
  Note: Respondent should complete the following documents and submit to the counsellor on the day of DRP  
a. For individual/sole proprietorship  
(1) Form A (pdf format: 9.54kb)  
(2) Form B (pdf format: 18.8kb)  
6. For documents to be presented by the Respondent at the DRP session, please refer to the following checklists:  
a. For individual/sole proprietorship/partnership
(1) Checklist (pdf format: 7.48kb)  
b. For Company Pte Ltd  
(1) Checklist (pdf format: 7.28kb)  


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