​All claims to be filed with the Small Claims Tribunals must be within the jurisdiction of the Tribunals. For general assistance, you may wish to refer to this checklist. Before you file any claim you may wish to:

a. read the information in the leaflet entitled "
Commencing proceedings at the Small Claims Tribunals"; and/or

b. ascertain whether the respondent (whether an individual or a corporate entity) is a bankrupt you may wish to make a bankruptcy search at CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd (details as follows) or through the Ministry of Law Insolvency Office website.

    Crimsonlogic Pte Ltd
    (Formerly known as Singapore Network Services Pte Ltd)
    133 New Bridge Road
    Chinatown Point #19-01/02
    Singapore 059413

    Enquiry Line: (65) 6538 9507 
    Website: http://www.crimsonlogic.com.sg

If you wish to file a claim, please click here for information on procedures and processes to file your claim.

Last updated on: 2/6/2020 9:12 AM