A lawyer can be hired for appeal proceedings, and all companies must be represented by a lawyer for appeal proceedings at the High Court.

What is appealable?

A Tribunal Order is final and binding. A party may appeal to the High Court against the decision of a Tribunal on a question of law or jurisdiction only.

A party cannot appeal on any question relating to a finding of fact by the Tribunal Magistrate.

Any discontinuance or transfer order made by the Tribunal Magistrate under section 5(5) and section 7 of the Small Claims Tribunals Act (Cap 308) respectively is not appealable.

If you are uncertain whether you have a right to appeal, please consult a lawyer.

Leave to Appeal from the District Court

Before an appeal to the High Court can be filed, leave (permission) of the District Court must be obtained.

The application for leave to appeal has to be filed within 14 days from the date of the Order by the Tribunal Magistrate. A District Court order granting or refusing leave is final and not subject to any appeal.

The application for leave to appeal can be made online by completing the e-service "Application for Leave to Appeal" under "Online Applications" in CJTS.

Last updated on: 8/11/2019 3:26 PM


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