The State Courts provide translation services as a value added service in the four official languages, namely English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil for documents to be used in civil proceedings. Law firms and Litigants-in-person may request for translation services via e-Litigation. All requests should be made at least 4 weeks before the date the translated documents are required. Applicants must provide the case reference numbers at the time of request.

The State Courts may decline any request for translation of a source text which is illegible or made at short notice. The timeline for completion is at least 4 weeks or more, depending on the complexity of the documents.

The fee payable for a certified translation by an interpreter of the State Courts is $45 per translated page or part thereof. The total translation fee will only be advised upon completion of the translation.

The State Courts DO NOT provide translation services for documents intended for private use.

Last updated on: 15/8/2019 10:23 AM


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