The State Courts of Singapore are a founding member of the International Consortium for Court Excellence (ICCE). Inspired by various quality models used internationally, experts from the United States, Europe, Australia and Singapore, formed the Consortium to develop an International Framework for Court Excellence (IFCE). The Framework is a resource for assessing the performance of a court through a self-assessment process, and provides guidance to courts intending to improve their performance so as to achieve excellence.

The other founding members of the ICCE are the Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration, the Federal Judicial Center, and the National Center for State Courts in the United States. Assistance was received from the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice, SPRING Singapore and the World Bank.

The International Framework for Court Excellence

The IFCE draws references from the Singapore Quality Award (SQA) framework developed by SPRING Singapore, and other quality models. It utilises recognised organisational improvement methodologies while reflecting the unique issues that courts face. The IFCE was officially launched in 2010 at the Asia-Pacific Courts Conference held in Singapore.

The ICCE has prepared a range of tools to assist judiciaries seeking to implement the IFCE. These include a self-assessment checklist and a simplified scoring system. Other ongoing efforts to promote court excellence include the production of IFCE newsletters, and holding regional forums and workshops.

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The IFCE State Courts of Singapore Model – A Practical Guide for Sustainable Court Excellence

Modelled after the IFCE, the IFCE State Courts of Singapore Model was launched in 2017. The Model incorporates new concepts that refresh the IFCE self-assessment checklist and was developed to reflect the State Courts' experience and ensure relevance to State Courts' context. The publication is available for download here.

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