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​​​​​Video - Introducing Mediation

The State Courts' Court Dispute Resolution Cluster (CDRC) has produced a video illustrating a typical mediation session. This video illustrates the different stages of court mediation, explains the purpose and benefits of mediation, and also provides tips on being well prepared for the mediation process. Click on the relevant segments below to find out more about mediation in CDRC.

Student Sharon has signed up for a business and strategy course in a private school. She is unimpressed by the lecturer and course coverage. A disappointed Sharon seeks a refund from school principal, Marlene. The conversation sours when Marlene declines to refund Sharon's course fees, leading Sharon to threaten legal action and blog against the school. After this fiery confrontation, Sharon angrily publishes a blog entry referring to the school as a "scam operation". She also files a suit against the school in the State Courts of Singapore, for a refund of her course fees. The school retaliates, with a counterclaim of defamation against Sharon for her adverse Internet posts.
Segment 1

The Dispute

(WMV-format, 9.97Mb)

Segment 2

At the Community Justice Centre  

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Segment 3

Mediation at the State Courts

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