Court Volunteer Mediators are important partners of the State Courts. To promote the growth and development of individual Court Volunteer Mediators and the Volunteer Mediator Community at large, the State Courts Centre for Dispute Resolution (SCCDR) provides Court Volunteer Mediators opportunities to develop currency in their skills sets, to learn and interact with one another and to increase awareness of new developments in the Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) arena. Towards this end, SCCDR organises ADR training workshops and networking sessions for Court Volunteer Mediators.

SCCDR will extend email invitations to Court Volunteer Mediators for registration when details of these events are available. You may also look out for new updates here.

Training on “Working with Individuals with Mental Health Disorders” on 6 June 2018


In line with the training needs identified by our Court Volunteer Mediators, psychologists from the Family Justice Courts, Ms Leong Shengyu and Ms Sylvia Tan, gave a presentation on the topic “Dealing With Persons With Personality Disorders/Psychological Issues”. A panel discussion was convened thereafter with the two psychologists and District Judges David Lim and Koh Juay Kherng, to further explore these issues with the participants. The focus of the training was on effective communication with disputants who may present signs of psychological or personality disorders, anger, paranoia or anti-social issues which may hamper a constructive mediation process. The feedback was very positive, with 93% of the respondents indicating that the training session had met their expectations and objectives and 98% indicating that the duration of the training was just right. A significant 93% of the respondents shared that they will be able to apply what they have learnt from the training session.

Welcome remarks by Principal District Judge Thian Yee Sze

Presentation slides for "Working with Individuals with Mental Health Disorders"

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Training on “Drafting Settlement Agreements” on 14 September 2017


Many thanks to the volunteer mediators (VMs) for the State Courts Centre for Dispute Resolution (SCCDR) who attended the Training on “Drafting Settlement Agreements” held on 14 September 2017. The State Courts are encouraged by the positive feedback from the survey and are happy to note that the training session had met the expectations and objectives of 93% of the respondents. The State Courts are grateful for the VMs’ active participation and enthusiastic sharing of experiences in mediating cases in the State Courts. Please click on the following for more information:


Welcome by Principal District Judge James Leong


Presentation slides for "Drafting settlement agreements"

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