Court volunteers play a vital role in serving together with the State Courts, making a real difference in the lives of others through the giving of their resources. Many court users have benefitted from the assistance and support provided by our court volunteers who serve in our Community Justice & Tribunals Division (CJTD) and the State Courts' Court Dispute Resolution Cluster (CDRC).


I. CJTD Court Volunteer Mediators

Court Volunteer Mediators mediate disputes filed at the Small Claims Tribunals (SCT) to help parties reach an amicable settlement.


II. CJTD Volunteer Tribunal Magistrates

Volunteer Tribunal Magistrates hear SCT cases and adjudicate the dispute in a fair and just manner.


III. CDRC Court Volunteer Mediators

Court Volunteer Mediators at CDRC conduct mediations for both civil cases and Magistrate's Complaints involving minor criminal offences to help parties to resolve their disputes amicably without proceeding for trial.

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