Long Service Award (LSA)

The Long Service Court Volunteer awards are introduced to recognise the court volunteers’ contribution of their time in serving the State Courts and their continued support.

S/NRecipients for LSA (2019)​


S/NRecipients for 10-year LSA (2018)​
​1​Ms Wong Yuk Fong


Outstanding Award

The Outstanding Court Volunteer awards aim to recognise individuals who have demonstrated outstanding commitment and dedication as volunteers with the State Courts.
There are two categories for the Award:

  • Advocate and Solicitor Category; and
  • Open Category.

Nominees for the Awards in the different categories must have demonstrated sustained and significant involvement in the programmes of the State Courts for a minimum period of one year.

Outstanding Court Volunteers – Advocate and Solicitor Category
​2019​Mr Tan Lam Siong​
​2018​Ms Viviene Sandhu
​2017​Mr Lam Kuet Keng Steven John
​2016Mr Kamalarajan Malaiyandi Chettiar​
​2015​Mr See Chern Yang
​2014​Mr Amolat Singh
​2013​Mr Lim Tat
​2012​Mr Shriniwas Rai
​2011​Ms Foo Siew Fong
Mr Harold Seet
​2010Mr Noor Marican
Mr Sunil Sudheesan​
​2009​Mr Lee Chow Soon


Outstanding Court Volunteers – Open Category                   
​2019​Ms Jasmine Mah
​2018​Mr David Hoicka
​2017​Mr Krishna s/o Veerappen
​2016Mr Lim Soon Hock
​2015Assoc ​Prof Lum Kit Wye
​2014​Mr Aloysius Goh
Mr Wong Yuk Fong
​2013​Mr Chng Beng Guan
​2012​Mr Mohamed Esmail Marican
​2011​Ms Linda Heng
​2010Ms Chan Pek Lin
​2009​Mrs Chia Swee Tin


The Outstanding Court Volunteer Award (Student Category), conferred by the State Courts, recognises students who volunteer their time with the State Courts under the student volunteer programmes such as the Student Representatives Programme, and Student Research Assistants Programme.

Outstanding Court Volunteers – Student Category
​2019​​Mr Wong Weitao
​2018​​Ms Tay Shi Ying Victoria
​2017Mr Lim Sheng Kang Shaun

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