1. Step 1: Pre-Filing Assessment
1. Approach Harassment Cases Registry at State Courts 2. Counter explains remedies 3. Pre-Filing Assessor looks at your case in detail and may suggest alternative remedies out of Court OR - Get a lawyer


2. Step 2: Decide on a Remedy
Criminal remedies ◦ Police report ◦ Magistrate's Complaint Civil remedies ◦ Protection Order (PO)/ Expedited Protection Order (EPO) ◦ Non-Publication Order (NPO) ◦ Monetary compensation


File a Magistrate's Complaint at the Crime Registry (State Courts, Level 1). 1. Bring along your NRIC/ ID and police/ medical reports (if any) 2. Complete Form 3. See Duty Magistrate 4. Attend mediation/ counselling as directed


1. File Originating Summons and Affidavit 2. Serve on Respondent 3. Attend Pre-Trial Conference (PTC) and mediation/ counselling as directed 4. All parties to attend Court hearing. Judge makes decision (whether or not to grant PO or NPO)

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