A list of forms used for filing a Magistrate's Complaint.

​Please complete the Magistrate's Complaint Form via Automated Court Documents Assembly System [ACDA (Mag Comp)] by the Community Justice Centre (CJC).

Alternatively, you may use the forms listed below. A text editor with full support for .doc and .docx files is required in order for the forms to display correctly on your computer.

Click on the name of a form to view it. The form can also be downloaded onto your computer by right-clicking on its name and choosing "Save target as..." (Internet Explorer/Edge) or "Save link as..." (Firefox/Chrome).

A. Main Forms

  1. ACDA (Mag Comp)
  2. Magistrate's Complaint Form
  3. Grounds of Complaint Extension Page (extra pages for Magistrate's Complaint Form)
  4. Checklist for Filing a Magistrate's Complaint

B. Additional Forms for Harassment Cases

  1. Offence of Causing Harassment, Alarm or Distress Under Section 3 or Section 4 of the Protection from Harassment Act
  2. Offence of Causing Fear or Provocation of Violence Under Section 5 of the Protection from Harassment Act
  3. Offence of Stalking Under Section 7 of the Protection from Harassment Act
  4. Offence of Breach of Protection Order, Expedited Protection Order or Direction Under Section 10 of the Protection from Harassment Act
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