A process where mediation is carried out between the Complainant and Respondent.

Where the Chambers Magistrate directs parties to attend mediation, the Community Courts & Tribunals Cluster (CCTC) will issue Notices to both parties to inform them of the date, time and venue of the mediation.

Mediation may take place in:

  • The Community Mediation Centre (CMC); or
  • The State Courts' Court Dispute Resolution Cluster (CDRC).

For more information on mediation at the CMC, please refer to this website.

For more information on mediation at the CDRC, please refer to this page.

The Complainant must be present on the day of the criminal mediation. Otherwise, it will be deemed that the Complainant is no longer interested in pursuing the Complaint and the Magistrate will strike out the Complaint.

If mediation is successful, a settlement agreement will be recorded and the matter will be closed.

If mediation is not successful, the case may either be scheduled for another round of mediation or alternatively, referred back to the CCTC for further management. Where the case has been referred back to the CCTC, we will contact you in due course to let you know the next step involved in this matter.

Last updated on: 4/3/2021 8:13 PM


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