​I am a respondent. What do I do after receiving a claim?

Log in to the CJTS to find out more about the claims that has been made against you.

Step 1Go to http://www.statecourts.gov.sg/CJTS/
Step 2Login using your SingPass (for individuals) or CorpPass (for business entities). If you are not eligible for SingPass or CorpPass, you may apply for a CJTS Pass by clicking "Register for CJTS Pass".
Step 3Update "My Profile" with your personal particulars.
Step 4Key in your one-time reference number as found in the Notice of Case Management Conference served on you.
Step 5Explore. Once logged in, you will be able to see the case details online, view submitted documents, participate in e-Negotiation, e-Mediation, monitor the progress of the case and check for case management conference (CMC) dates.

Next, consider if you wish to settle the claim. You may initiate e-Negotiation or e-Mediation with a view to resolving the dispute with the claimant amicably. If the dispute is not settled by the date of CMC as stated in the Notice of CMC served on you, you must attend the CMC, failing which an adverse Order may be made against you.

Filing a Response

If you are disputing the claim, you must file and serve a response within 7 days after being served with the claim. A response sets out your defence to the claim and may be filed online on the CJTS. Simply click "Online Applications", "ECT" and choose the e-service "Response". Make sure you upload all supporting documents for the response. A fee of $30 or $60 payable on filing the response depending on the value of the claim. After filing the response, you must serve a copy of the response (together with all supporting documents) on the claimant and file a DOS online before the 1st CMC.

Filing a Counterclaim

If you have a claim against the claimant, you may file a counterclaim against the claimant. A counterclaim can be filed only after parties have first gone through mediation at TADM in respect of the counterclaim. Login to the CJTS, and click "Online Applications", "ECT", and choose the e-service "Counterclaim Form". Follow the instructions online. You must serve the counterclaim on the person you are counterclaiming against within 7 days after the date the counterclaim was filed, and file a DOS online before the 1st CMC.

For cases filed before 7 January 2019 (manually)

All filings are done manually through the Central Registry (State Courts, Level 2). The relevant forms for a response, counterclaim and declaration of service may be downloaded here.

Last updated on: 12/2/2020 6:34 PM


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