What is a settlement agreement?

After you have submitted a mediation request at the Tripartite Alliance for Dispute Management (TADM), you and the other party will undergo mediation at TADM. If mediation is successful, both of you will write and sign on a settlement agreement in the presence of an approved mediator. The settlement agreement is a legally binding contract between you and the other party. It is an agreement to amicably resolve existing or potential disputes between both of you, and contains terms which both of you must comply with.

Why register a settlement agreement?

A settlement agreement that is not registered with the District Court is still a legally binding contract. However, if either party breaches the terms of the settlement agreement, the settlement agreement must first be sued upon and a court order obtained before enforcement action can be taken against the defaulting party.

Either party may register a settlement agreement recorded at TADM with the District Court. Registering the settlement agreement will make it enforceable as an Order of the District Court. This means that if one party does not fulfil his/her obligations under the registered settlement agreement, enforcement action may be taken against that defaulting party.


How do I register a settlement agreement?

Any party to a settlement agreement may apply to register it. The application must be made within 4 weeks after the date on which the settlement agreement was signed by all parties to the settlement agreement.

Step 1Go to
Step 2Login using your Singpass by clicking on “For Individual Users” if you are an individual or “For Business Users” if you are transacting on behalf of a business entity.  If you are not eligible for Singpass, you may apply for a CJTSPass by clicking “Register for CJTSPass”.
Step 3Update "My Profile" with your personal particulars.
Step 4Click "Online Applications" then "ECT", then choose the e-service "Registration of Settlement Agreement".
Step 5Fill in the details required by the e-service and upload a copy of the settlement agreement.
Step 6

Pay the registration fee of $10. Applications will only be processed after the requisite payments are made. Payment may be made via:

  • Online: Credit card / eNets
  • Offline: Click "Pay Later" and then "Generate Payment Advice". Bring the payment advice to the State Courts and pay by cash, nets or credit card at the payment kiosks in the State Courts. 
Step 7ECT will notify you to check on the outcome of the registration on the CJTS. Access your case folder on the CJTS to check for the outcome.
Step 8If the registration is rejected, a notice will be available on your CJTS case folder. You may resubmit a new application. If the registration is successful, a Notice of Registration will be available in your CJTS case folder. Print out a hardcopy of (1) the Notice of Registration, and (2) a copy of the settlement agreement, and serve on the other party immediately (See: Service section).

What happens after registration?

  • Renewal of the registered settlement agreement
    The registration of the settlement agreement is valid for 3 years from the date of its registration. Any party may apply to extend the registration for another 3 years on the CJTS via the e-service "Renewal of Registration of Settlement Agreement".
  • Enforcement of the registered settlement agreement
    A registered settlement agreement has the same force and effect as an Order given by the District Court, and may be enforced in the same way.


Last updated on: 13/9/2021 3:45 PM


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