Below is a list of fees payable for ECT claims. You may refer to the First Schedule of the Employment Claims Rules 2017 for more information.

S/NDescriptionFees S($)

Filing a Claim / Defence / Counter-Claim


Claim amount


Registration fee for pre-ECT mediation


Claimant's filing fee



Respondent's filing fee

$10,000* and below$10$30$30


More than $10,000*


* Based on declared claim amount at registration at TADM / filing at ECT

2Filing an Application to Register a Settlement Agreement or to extend the validity of the Settlement Agreement 10
3Filing an Application to Set Aside the Registration of a Settlement Agreement30
4Filing an Application to Set Aside a Judgment or Order of the Registrar or ECT30
5Filing a Notice of Appeal to the Tribunal From Order of Registrar 100


ECT Hearing Fees (S$)
1st day or part thereofNo charge
2nd day (or part thereof) and onwards
  • 30 per day for total value of claims not exceeding 10,000;
  • 60 per day for total value of claims exceeding 10,000



Last updated on: 16/12/2019 2:15 PM


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