​An accused person is produced at a Criminal Mentions Court when the prosecution is ready to formally file charges against him, no longer than 48 hours after his arrest and remand. There are two criminal mentions courts in State Courts: one deals with District Arrest Cases (DACs) and the other deals with Magistrates' Arrest Cases (MACs).


At the Criminal Mentions Court, the charge is read and explained to the accused person. The Judge can also sentence accused persons who plead guilty. Where accused persons intend to plead guilty to certain categories of offences, the Judge will transfer these cases to one of the sentencing courts.


The Judge also hears and grants appropriate applications of the prosecution or the accused persons including bail applications, applications to detain an accused person for further investigations and applications to engage defence counsel. When an accused person claims trial, the Judge fixes the case for a pre-trial conference before trial dates are decided by the Court.

Last updated on: 28/11/2019 8:07 AM


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