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The steps in an application for change in mention/trial dates are as follows:

Step 1: Application is made
Step 2: Court considers application
Step 3​​:Notification of Applicant


Step 1: Applying for change of mention/trial dates

A person may apply for a change of a court mention date or a trial date if he is unable to attend court on the stipulated dates and has valid reasons for doing so.

The applicant can do so by making a formal application in writing. This application must be addressed to the Registrar of State Courts and must state clearly the particulars of the accused, the original mention/trial dates as well as the court in which the matter is fixed.

The application should be submitted to: 

                                        The Registrar
                                        State Courts 
                                        1 Havelock Square 
                                        Singapore 059724 or 

Alternatively, you may submit your application here:

Please note that you will need to have a Singpass account to do so.


Step 2: Court considers the application

Once the application is made, it will be referred to the relevant judge for his consideration.


Step 3: Notification to applicant

Mention dates
If the application is approved, the applicant and his surety will be notified in writing by the Court Officer of the new mention date and time.

Trial dates
If the application is approved, the matter will be fixed for a pre-trial conference (PTC) before the judge for new trial dates to be given. Both the applicant, his surety and the prosecution will be informed of the PTC date by the court.


If the application is not approved, the applicant will also be notified in writing by the court and the applicant is required to attend court on the original mention/trial date. If he fails to do so, a Warrant of Arrest will be issued against him.

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