Step 1: Apply for permission to leave the country


An accused person who is currently on bail has to apply for the Court's permission in order to leave Singapore.

The Applicant together with the bailor (where applicable) shall fill out an application form which can be obtained from the counters located at the Bail Centre. The application form stating the applicant's and bailor's particulars, accompanied with the bail bond, will be submitted to the duty Magistrate located at the Bail Centre. 


Step 2: Court considers the application

The Applicant and the bailor will go before the duty Magistrate in Bail Centre where the application is made stating the following which shall be recorded by the Magistrate:

  • Whether application is for a single or multiple trip(s);
  • applicant's intended destination(s)
  • expected departure and return dates
  • purpose of travel
  • surety's consent or objections to the application and reasons for the objection.

Duty Magistrate will thereafter consider the application for the adjournment and inform the Applicant accordingly. The application to leave Singapore may also be made before the District Judge/Magistrate during the mention in Courts 4AN/4BN provided the bailor is in court as well to give his/her consent.      

Last updated on: 21/4/2020 10:28 AM


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