1.  Ensure computer / mobile device has a webcam, a microphone, and speakers.

2.  Ensure computer / mobile device is connected to the Internet, and that user has software installation privilleges.

3.  Click on the following link:


      b.  You may download the Zoom Client for Windows / Mac.

zoom download desktop.png

      c.  Alternatively, you may download for Mobile.   

zoom download mobile.png


4.  Complete the installation process.

5.  [For Assessments / Trials] If you have an attending witness who needs to be sworn in or affirmed, please make the necessary arrangements for the said witness to have access to the Statement of Oath and / or Bible at your physical location.



1.  Access the Zoom application, click "Join Meeting" and enter the Meeting ID provided in the Registrar's Notice that was issued for the hearing.

zoom mobile join.jpgzoom mobile meeting ID.jpg


2.  For the field "Enter Your Name" / "Your Name" / "Screen Name" (depending on the type of device used), please enter the current time in 24-hour format followed by the case number(s) and the capacity(s) of the counsel.  If you are signing in as a registered Zoom user, you will see your profile name instead of the field "Enter Your Name".  Please tap on your profile name to edit the same to reflect the current time in 24-hour format followed by the case number(s) and the capacity(s) of the counsel.  If you are mentioning on behalf of another party, this should also be indicated in the same field.  If you are unable to include all the case numbers due to the 50-character limit, please inform the Court accordingly in the first Zoom meeting / hearing.


      Plaintiff's Counsel
      [0915] MC 1/2018 - PC

      2nd Defendant's Counsel mentioning on behalf for Third Party's Counsel
      [1100] MC 199/2018 - D2C (MB TPC)

      Counsel with multiple cases on the same Zoom hearing list, acting in different capacities
      [1000] MC 5/2018 - PC, MC 15/2018 - DC (MB PC)

3.  Thereafter, click "Join Meeting".

4.  Ensure that your webcam, microphone, and speakers are on.

5.  At the appropriate juncture, the Court will add you to the Zoom meeting / hearing.

6.  For assistance with installing or using the Zoom service, please refer to the following useful support hyperlinks: FAQs maintained by Zoom and Zoom Help Center.  If you require assistance and/or if you have multiple cases fixed for hearing on different Zoom hearing lists within the same time slot, please contact the Civil Registry at 6721 7772 or at



1.  A solicitor mentioning a case via Zoom must proceed with the hearing as if he or she were appearing before the Judge or Registrar in person, and must comply with all Court rules of dress and etiquette as prescribed in the State Courts Practice Directions and any relevant Registrar's Circular.  However, it will not be necessary to stand and / or bow to the Court at the start or end of the hearing or to stand when addressing the Court, when otherwise required to do so for physical attendance.

2.  Recording of Zoom hearings in video, audio or any other form is strictly prohibited.

3.  The Court is to be informed of all solicitors / parties in attendance at the virtual hearing even where they are not captured within the video frame and (where possible) all attending solicitors / parties are to be seated within range of the video camera.

4.  Adjournment of Zoom hearings - If, for any reason, the Judge or Registrar considers that it is not expedient for any hearing to continue via Zoom, he or she may:

      (i)  adjourn the matter and require parties to attend Court personally on an appointed date and time; or

      (ii) conduct the hearing via telephone; or

      (iii) make any other direction that may be appropriate in the circumstances of the case.



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