State Courts Logo
The State Courts logo features an emblematic illustration of the new State Courts Complex together with a stylised bridge. On the left of the logo, a clean representation of the tower complex is applied – two coloured tower blocks representing the courtroom tower and the administrative tower. The towers are solid at the base, illustrating a firm commitment to justice anchored in the law while the angled peaked tops represent progress and aspiration towards excellence. The modern and sturdy typeface signifies the State Courts as a forum where justice prevails and disputes are resolved fairly and amicably.

The flat arc symbolically represents a bridge connecting the two towers of the State Courts Complex. Metaphorically, the stylised bridge that connects both the tower blocks not only emphasises the inter-connectivity between the judicial and administrative functions for the smooth running of the courthouse, but is also a symbolic reminder of the need to ensure access to justice to the people of Singapore through the State Courts’ unstinting commitment to serving society.
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Last updated on: 6/11/2019 5:48 PM